Full-service board is $600 a month, with additional costs for hay and grain of your choice. Emerald Leaf is unique in that we only charge you for exactly what your horse utilizes, down to the amount of flakes the eat and day and pound of grain they eat. This allows us to make sure you horse is getting exactly what they need to maintain the proper condition, as well as the ensure you are getting what you pay for! We offer several different options to customize your horses diet, ensuring your horse is in the best condition possible. Board includes stall, turn-out (with boots, fly spray, etc as needed) blanketing, medications as needed, and minor medical care. Short Term board is $25/day. We also have a deworming program implemented for all horses and if you chose, we can bill monthly dewormer at cost.  We offer day or night turn-out in private paddocks or a small group if you prefer.  Trailering, clipping, grooming and other services are available at an additional cost. All horses at Emerald Leaf receive wonderful individualized care and our employees are well trained and dedicated to ensuring your horse is happy and healthy. Emerald Leaf has every horse on a specialized daily program that best suits their needs, and can accommodate any horse. 


Amenities include:

  • 300’x200’ outdoor ring with lights. All weather footing with updated drainage system to ensure maximum efficiency. Footing is maintained. 
  • Numerous pastures varying in size, which allows accommodation for individual or group turn-out. Pastures are regularly maintained to ensure adequate forage year round. 
  • Stalls picked regularly and ample shavings supplied.
  • Fans in the stalls during the warmer months. Dutch doors which are kept open or closed in the winter depending on your preference for climate control
  • Run-out stalls available. Ideal for horses recovering from injuries. 
  • Variety of feeds and hay available. Will guarantee any medications and supplements will be administered as needed. 
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable barn manager who can help your horse be in the best condition possible. Round the clock care can be provided as needed.
  • Access to the most reputable vets, farriers, chiropractors, acupuncturists and dentists in the area. Keep your horse on a regular schedule with our professionals or add services as you would like. 


Additional Boarding Services:

  • Training Ride: $40
  • Show Prep Clip (ears, muzzle, fetlocks, bridle bath): $35
  • Full Body Clip: $125
  • Mane Pull: $20
  • Wrapping: $20
  • Sheath Clean: $35
  • After hours care: $25/trip
  • Tack Up Service (includes before and after ride, and care of horse after ride, tack cleaning): $25

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have about our boarding services. Once you have seen our facility and the care we provide our horses you will see why we are a step above the rest.

I have been riding and showing Hunters for over 20 years, and have taken lessons and boarded at quite a few barns across several states. I can easily say Emerald Leaf has been my best experience so far. Crystal is a very educated trainer and barn manager who goes to great lengths to ensure her clients have the best possible experience, regardless of their level. The lesson program is excellent, and Crystal is a wonderful teacher. It is a great place for beginners to get their start, and also a great place for advanced riders to continue to progress. Up until this point I had never had a trainer that was so good at understanding and explaining the “why’s” behind things, and I feel my riding has improved dramatically as a result.
Additionally, the facilities at Emerald Leaf are excellent. The ring is impeccably maintained with excellent footing, a variety of jumps, and lighting. The pastures and paddocks are expansive and well-kept. The barn is clean and beautiful with top-of-the-line amenities. And last, but certainly not least, it is all within a 15 minute drive of downtown Greenville. Can’t be beat!!!
— Ashton